White Knight Poly-Vee Drive Belt 1547 J4

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White Knight Poly-Vee Drive Belt 1547 J4

White Knight Poly-Vee Drive Belt 1547 J4


Genuine spare part

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    A smoothed, stretched or damaged belt can prevent your machine's drum from spinning correctly, which can leave your clothes damp.

    If the belt in your tumble dryer's drum requires replacing, use this poly-v drive belt to restore the performance of your dryer's drive system - helping to spin clothes, dislodging any residual moisture and providing a thorough drying action.

    The poly-v belt, or ribbed belt as it is also known, resembles a flat belt - but with V-shaped ribs along the inside surface for increased friction force between the drive system and the belt.

    Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.


    • poly-vee belt
    • Section J4
    • Length 1547 mm
    • Please note this is a 4 ribbed belt it is not interchangeable with a 3 rib belt and can only be used on a machine with a 4 ribbed drum pulley.
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Genuine spare part

Stock No: 2004966OH